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About DUTC Token

DUTC is a token that provides services based on application creation and investment, and provides a stable token ecosystem to token participants in the form of a buyback of the result of revenue.


What is important to DUTC is the profits of the participants and good ecosystem composition. The value of the token comes from the activities of active participants, and DUTC believes that the normal business activity of the token is to provide a stable token ecosystem to the participants.

Prototype Designer
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DUTC Configuration

  • The DUTC is designed as ERC20.

  • Total issuance is 5 billion.

  • Funds generated from the foundation operation are bought back to participants.

  • ​Token can be purchased at the foundation and cryptocurrency exchange.

  • ​All operational principles are based on white papers.

  • ​The current status and performance of the operation are disclosed to all participants.

  • ​The foundation is operated by experts in related projects.

Above the Clouds

How Can We Help DUTC Holders?



The foundation reports the status of operation to participants from time to time.


The foundation buys back to the participants through the results of operation.


The foundation is not a one-sided foundation operation, but opens a window for communication with the participants.


The virtuous cycle of continuous buyback will remain a good token precedent.


White Paper

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Check the DUTC white paper

DUTC  are managed directly by experts. All token participants can realize application business through DUTC. DUTC is a token that is practical and aims to directly help participants.